Christmas 2017

A King is Born

Class 1 December 11th 2017


Class 1 nativity            Class 1 nativity 1

Class 1 nativity 2            Class 1 nativity 3


Bethlehem the Musical

Class 2 December 12th 2017


Bethlehem The Musical        Bethlehem The Musical                                     Bethlehem The Musical        Bethlehem The MusicalBethlehem The Musical        Bethlehem The Musical


Some members of the Choir sang at The Treehouse Nativity.

December 15th - Christmas Belles Show, Christmas Jumper Day, Christmas Lunch, singing at the Victory Hall, a Specail Visitor and a rainbow!!

                                         December 15th         

                    December 15th        December 15th  

December 15th       December 15th