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21/04/2017   Football Club is now full

31/03/2017   School Lunches discounted offer for Term 6 June & July 2017

We would like to offer school lunches for Term 6 from June 5th to July 19th 2017 at a discounted rate of £60 for Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 pupils (Reception, Year 1 and 2 get them free) if you pay for the term in advance.

This equates to just over £1.80 a day a saving of nearly 20p a day compared to if you pay weekly.

School lunches are a great healthy option for your child including mostly organic and/or local ingredients some of which are grown by the children at school.

As this is a discounted offer payments must be made by Wednesday May 17th.

Orders after this date will be charged at the normal daily rate.

Cheques made payable to LCC please.

19/07/2016   Got a New Mobile! - Please remember that if any of your details change to let the office know as soon as possible.

If your child is ill we need to be able to contact you.  If we do not have your up to date contact numbers this can be difficult.

Please use this form to change emergency details. 

Please use this form if there are any medical changes we need to know about aswell - thank you

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