School Calendar


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06/03/2018Governors Curriculum meeting.


06/03/2018JB Sports Yr 5/6 Quicksticks Horncastle FC

Mr dawson will be taking the chosen team to the event,bus will be leaving at 9.15am prompt.

08/03/2018Football Yr5/6 - Skegness

Mr Dawson will be taking the chosen team to play at Wainfleet Road,Skegness 12.30pm - 4.00pm.We will provide the transport on Thursday.

09/03/2018JSTC Newspaper Day.
10/03/2018Yr 5/6 Football St Hugh's School, Woodhall Spa 9.00 am - 12.00 pm.

On the Saturday the children will need to have  transport provided by parents,Mr Dawson will be attending to supervise the children.

12/03/2018School Photos

Class Images will be coming in at 1.15pm to take photographs -clubs,teams and groups.

12/03/2018Last week of Clubs.

This will be the last week of clubs for this term,Home2School is available if needed.

13/03/2018Full Governors meeting


16/03/2018PFA Chocolate Bingo

6.30 - 8.30/9pm 

18/03/2018Family service 11.15 am Partney Church.
20/03/2018Music Festival rehearsal.
20/03/2018Class 2 Parents evening
20/03/2018Governors Finance meeting 6pm.
21/03/2018Music Festival 6 for 6.30 pm start.
21/03/2018Termly lunch reminder offer ends 55.
22/03/2018Music Festival 6 for 6.30 pm start.
26/03/2018I sing Pop - Day 1
27/03/2018I sing Pop - Day 2
27/03/2018Foundation Governors meeting 6pm.
28/03/2018I sing Pop - Day 3 Concert Day

The afternoon performance will start at 2pm,the doors will open at 1.30pm all children to be in position at 1.45pm.

28/03/2018Term 4 ends.
16/04/2018Term 5 starts.
14/05/2018SATS WEEK -English Grammar, punctuation and spelling papers 1&2.
15/05/2018SATS WEEK - English Reading.
15/05/2018Full Governor's meeting.
16/05/2018SATS WEEK - Mathematics papers 1&2 .
17/05/2018SATS WEEK - Mathematics paper 3 .
25/05/2018Term 5 ends.
04/06/2018Term 6 starts.
04/06/2018Bikeability Day 1
05/06/2018Bikeability Day 2 on road sessions.
06/06/2018Bikeability Day 3 on road sessions.
07/06/2018Bikeability Day 4 on road sessions.
21/06/2018Skegness Academy Yr 5 day.
03/07/2018Full Governor's meeting.
04/07/2018Skegness Academy Yr6 Induction Day 1
05/07/2018Skegness Academy Yr6 Induction Day 2.
06/07/2018Sports Day


13/07/2018School Fete


20/07/2018Leavers Church Service

We would like to invite you to join us at the church at 1.30pm.

20/07/2018Leaver Assembly

We would like you to join us for the Leavers Assembly at 9am followed by a Tree planting at 9.30am.

20/07/2018Term 6 ends.
04/09/2018Term 1 starts.
10/09/2018Individual Photos

Class Images will be coming into school at 12.45-1.15pm