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Art Club is now FULL

For summer term

Discounted termly lunch offer available until May 16th 2018

We are once again offering school lunches for Term 6 (4th June to 20th July) at a discounted price of £70 if you preorder for the term before May 16th 2018.  This equates to £2 a day, a total saving of £7.

This offer is for Year 3, 4,5, and 6 puils (Reception, Year 1 and 2 get their lunches free).

Our school lunches are renowned for their healthy, organic, local, ingredients which are all cooked in school. Children will be growing some of the ingredients used in the summer menu once again this year.

This offer ends Wednesday May 16th 2018. 

Orders after this date will be charged at the normal daily/weekly rate.

Please make cheques payable to LCC.

Check out the latest Ofsted Monitoring Report from November 2017

We had an Ofsted Monitoring Visit on Friday November 10th 2017.

Click here to read it.

Join us and sign up to Parenthub @PartneySchool

We are trying to encourage as many parents and grandparents as possible to sign up to the app - Parent hub.
If you are already signed up - Thank you :)
If you have tried and encountered problems with joining - please try again or contact Parenthub.
The school sends information out directly to your mobiles including newsletters, photos of what we are doing in school etc and we are even able to contact you in case of an emergency if we cannot get hold of you on the phone. (For this reason we advise that you keep the notifications for this app turned on so you will be made aware of any communication. If you have turned them off and need help turning them back on come to the school office).
To join us please follow the instructions on this poster. @PartneySchool is our handle.
If you have any problem please contact Parenthub who are happy to help:- email: Tel: 0161 202 4141
The more parents who sign up the more we can use it! 

Got a New Mobile! - Please remember that if any of your details change to let the office know as soon as possible.

If your child is ill we need to be able to contact you.  If we do not have your up to date contact numbers this can be difficult.

Please use this form to change emergency details. 

Please use this form if there are any medical changes we need to know about aswell - thank you

Anything missing on this website? Please let us know if there is something you would like to see included.

Your comments are always appreciated and considered.

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